Strawberry Cherry Guava
Psidium cattleianum var. longipes

Very decorative evergreen fruiting shrub 2-5m tall. Attractive glossy foliage and fluffy white lightly fragrant flowers appear in Spring and Summer. Produces masses of sweet, slightly tart strawberry/passionfruit flavoured fruit in late summer and may crop several times a year in warmer conditions. When fruit are ripe they are rusty red in colour.

For best results, plant in a warm sunny position protected from strong wind in fertile, well drained soil enriched with manure or well decomposed compost and mulch well. Prune to encourage better fruiting. Can also be plated as a fruiting hedge. Drought tolerant, hardy, and cold tolerant however, sensitive to frost. Cherry guavas grow everywhere in Australia, except for cold mountain districts.

Fruit can be eaten fresh off the bush or can be made in to pies, jam, jellies, drinks, sauces etc. The seeds may be roasted and used as a coffee substitute and its leaves may be brewed for tea.