Plinia cauliflora

Also known as jabuticaba, this beautiful fruiting evergreen tree from Brazil is very ornamental and perfect for any backyard. Easy to grow with very few pests. New growth is a lovely copper/red colour and the beautiful white flowers are honey scented. Cropping heavily several times a year, the trunk and branches of the tree become covered in delicious spherical black berry-like fruit, making for a striking and unusual sight. The juicy fruit have a sweet, aromatic flavour similar to a grape and can be eaten fresh straight from the tree.
Slow growing with a compact and upright growth habit. Trees are typically around 5m in height, but can reach up to 10 meters after a very long time in ideal conditions. Hedges well and can be pruned to a more compact and smaller tree if required.
For best results, plant in moist, fertile free draining soil in part shade to full sun. While tolerant of light frosts, it does best in a warm and protected spot. Water well for the most fruit.
The delicious and versatile fruit is often used for jams and jellies and even wine. It also makes a delicious liquor. The fruit can be dried or frozen but only has a short shelf life when fresh.