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Bowen Mango
Mangifera indica (Syn. Kensington Pride)

Attractive, vigorous evergreen fruiting tree 5-8m tall. Lovely deep green leaves are complemented by new beautiful pink/purple growing tips. White flowers in Spring are followed by large delicious fruit that are yellow/orange with a kiss of red. The most famous and well known commercial mango in Australia. The fruit is stringless and … More info…

Punica granatum

Attractive deciduous large shrub/small tree. Growing 4 to 5m tall, with ornamental flowers, fruits and autumn foliage, pomegranates make an excellent landscaping plant. Attractive individually or planted to form a hedge. Flowers followed by large tasty fruit form on the ends of branches in autumn. Suited to most soil types and climates, … More info…


Produces medium to large sized fruit, with a pinkish hue, with large, deed red, very juicy arils.


Originating in Spain, Elche is highly prized world wide for its deliciously sweet and antioxidant rich fruit. Matures late autumn.


Vigorous and highly productive, wonderful is the best known commercial pomegranate variety. Produces large bright red fruit, with deep crimson juicy flesh. Slightly tart and acidic. Excellent for juicing or eating fresh.

Black Genoa Fig
Ficus carica var. black genoa

A fast growing, medium sized deciduous tree 3-5m tall. Produces masses of excellent quality, delicious red fleshed, dark skinned fruit during the summer months. Great for any backyard. For best results, plant in light free-draining, neutral soil in a warm sunny position. Enrich soil with well decomposed manure or compost and mulch … More info…

White Adriatic Fig
Ficus carica var. white adriatic

A medium sized deciduous fruiting tree. This self-fertile tree will crop twice a year in both Summer and Autumn. Produces masses of delicious large fruit with yellow/green skin and red flesh. For best results, plant in light free-draining, neutral soil in a warm sunny position. Enrich soil with well decomposed manure or … More info…

Yellow Excel Fig
Ficus carica var. yellow excel

A medium sized fruiting tree 3-5m tall. Large, excellent quality, sweet ,yellow-skinned fruit with amber coloured flesh are ready to eat in the summer months. Fast growing and deciduous, this tree is a great backyard addition. For best results, plant in light free-draining, neutral soil in a warm sunny position. Enrich soil … More info…

Brown Turkey Fig
Ficus carica var. brown turkey

A fast growing, medium sized, deciduous fruiting tree 3-5m tall. Delicious large brown skinned fruit with a sweet, rich flavour and pink flesh. Will crop twice a year in both summer and Autumn. Fantastic addition to any garden. For best results, plant in light free-draining, neutral soil in a warm sunny position. … More info…

Eriobotrya japonica

Attractive large-leaved evergreen fruiting free 2-6m tall. Produces clusters of yellow/orange skinned fruit that are sweet and juicy. Clusters of sweet scented flowers appear in the autumn or early winter, and the fruit ripen in late winter or early spring. The fragrant succulent fruit have a sweet citrus type flavour. For best … More info…

Black Mulberry
Morus nigra

Attractive medium to large, spreading, deciduous fruit tree. Long lived and heavy bearing. It’s lush dark green foliage makes it a good shade tree in the warmer months. Ripe fruit are black, large and sweet and are produced on mass in Spring through Summer. The high nutrient content of the foliage also … More info…

Curry leaf
Murraya koenigii

Small, delicate evergreen tree to 4m tall with aromatic foliage. Clusters of small white flowers are followed by decorative red/black berries. The leaves have a strong curry aroma and a distinct, spicy curry-like flavour and are highly valued as seasoning in Indian and Sri Lankan cooking. For best results, plant in a … More info…

Coffea arabica

Very attractive small evergreen tree¬† 2-5m tall. Ornamental glossy dark green foliage with clusters of fragrant white flowers in summer. The coffee bean containing berries are bright red when ripe and are ready to harvest June to August. For best results, plant in a warm sunny site in rich, moist, free draining … More info…

Feijoa or Pineapple Guava
Feijoa sellowiana

Very attractive evergreen fruiting shrub to 5m tall.¬† Lovely green and silver foliage is complemented in Spring with pretty red and white flowers. The egg shaped fruit remain green when ripe and have a distinct fruity aromatic smell. The flesh is pale white with a sweet pineapple/strawberry flavour and is high in … More info…

Amman Guava
Psidium guajava var amman

Small evergreen fruiting tree 3-5m tall with small white flowers followed by large green-skinned pear-shaped fruit. The fruit have a creamy white flesh and lovely sweet flavour. A nice backyard addition. For best results, plant in a sunny position in fertile free draining soil enriched with well decomposed compost or manure and … More info…

Yellow Cherry Guava
Psidium littorale var. littorale

A decorative evergreen fruiting shrub 2-5m tall. It has an attractive mottled trunk with glossy green foliage and small, fluffy, white lightly fragrant flowers. Produces masses of sweet, juicy yellow fruit in late Summer and Autumn however, may fruit twice a year in warmer conditions. For best results, plant in a warm … More info…

Strawberry Cherry Guava
Psidium cattleianum var. longipes

Very decorative evergreen fruiting shrub 2-5m tall. Attractive glossy foliage and fluffy white lightly fragrant flowers appear in Spring and Summer. Produces masses of sweet, slightly tart strawberry/passionfruit flavoured fruit in late summer and may crop several times a year in warmer conditions. When fruit are ripe they are rusty red in … More info…

Hawaiian Guava
Psidium guajava

Attractive small to medium, spreading, evergreen fruit tree. A light mottled trunk, faintly fragrant white flowers and masses of large aromatic fruit make this an appealing garden addition. Autumn ripening, the fruit are large, light yellow and fragrant with sweet pink flesh and are high in vitamin C. Will tolerate many soil … More info…